Google, at Such Great Heights, Come Down Now

Like the majority of SE users, I leverage Google a lot.  However, I’m not just any user; I am also within the online marketing industry, a go-between regarding online tools, such as search engines, and consumers (such as myself).  It makes for an interesting dynamic and reception of information.  On one hand, I look upon SEs as a marketer, in other ways I view them and other brand-driven services and products as a consumer.

It’s easy to become engrossed in your industry; I am.  However, every brand needs to adopt the perception of a consumer too.  Today, the Google brand announced news regarding its social site, Google+.  You know Google, the brand who runs the most popular search engine in the land, the one who regulates information on its engine, granting penalties, and as WebiMax’s Todd Bailey speaks upon, sends animals after the disobedient.

Google plans to integrate Google+ info into search results through a new “personalized” option.  Okay, it makes sense.  The “Your World” option should include social media cues, but Google may not be thinking like one of their consumers.  As we SEO practitioners understand, search engines provide a service, presenting the most authoritative, timely, and relevant information based on a user’s query.  That’s Google, (the search engine’s) mission in a nutshell.

Based on that admirable service-centric mission, it may be safe to assume Google will also include other social site cues in natural and personal results as well, correct?  Maybe it’s not that safe; a blog post, penned by Matt McGee revealed some issues involving Twitter’s inclusion in Google results.  That’s odd; social media use is prolific.  Wouldn’t the most popular search engine, one dedicated to service and providing the best information to consumers, want to give Twitter some love, considering its popularity and all?

As another respected search engine optimization source, Danny Sullivan, blogged about today, maybe we don’t need to immediately jump on the anti-Google bandwagon, but we should take notice of developments as professionals and consumers of Google’s provided service.  I completely agree; it’s important to spread awareness, especially in case those in power abuse it.  In case, powerful brands, sitting so high atop the clouds of success, forget what they look like from the vantage point of its consumers.  Perhaps the irony of being at such great heights is the lack of perspective from ground level.  Maybe it’s time for Google to come down now.

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