Cadbury UK’s Sweet Social Media Use Makes for ‘Eggcellent’ Branding

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Is your business open this weekend?  A better question to ask passionate owners is, “Are your consumers open for business this weekend?”  In most cases, the answer is a resounding, “Yes!”

Yesterday, I was viewing Rand Fishkin’s SEOmoz post on viral marketing.  Great insights relayed, especially the third one on “timing.”  B2B commerce slows at the end of the ‘workweek.’  Some online marketing endeavors would likely be better received amidst the ‘eye’ of the workweek.  However, what about business-to-consumer brands?

I often comment on SEOmoz posts; I’m a community member and suggest joining (free membership options) to increase personal SEO knowledge and to augment your company’s understanding of a range of online marketing topics.  I raised a point related to business-to-consumer social media efforts on the weekends:

…Great reminder about timing (#3) too. As mentioned, B2B and B2C interactions are very different (especially regarding the weekends). B2Cs, are your SMO workers ‘working’ on the weekends?  I think considering making weekend social moves is a good decision…

Who knew I would be able to illustrate my point in due time?  I popped onto the Twitter account this morning and was delighted to see the Cadbury UK brand cleverly leveraging its brand’s social media opportunities.

For one, I enjoy wit (I’ve even let students off easy for its exhibition).  I was immediately impressed by the fun wordplay related to the brand’s products and use of the handle, #GooGames:

Thanks for your egg-cellent #GooGames suggestions, keep ‘em coming! – From Cadbury UK Twitter account

Doing some research, I learned the brand was using Twitter to fuel interest in other in-brand social media platforms, a separate Facebook promotion.  What a great way to infuse separate social platforms together to enrich the brand-to-consumer experience!

Apparently, Twitter and Facebook aren’t the only social sites the brand leverages.

Furthermore, the brand’s SMO specialist, engaging Twitter fans, was doing an especially diligent job this morning.  The user was asking followers to participate to win free Cadbury Crème Eggs by ‘tweeting’ Goo Game event suggestions, and followers participated (at publication, over 2 million people liked the Facebook page and over 21,000 people were ‘talking’ about the promotion):

@CadburyUK The high dive: some spectators were egging Shelly on but others were gooing her off the board. Nonetheless, she decided to goo.

The Cadbury UK Twitter account was responsive to followers, ‘retweeting’ clever suggestions and even accolades sent by me:

@CadburyUK Is doing eggreat! job #branding and engaging #socialmedia fans via #googames!

Within a minute the brand responded to my observation in a modest and witty fashion:

@seoservices2012 you’re too kind, really the Creme Eggs are doing all the hard work! ;)

Am I professionally affiliated with Cadbury or its United Kingdom partner?  No, I am not.  Do I love reading, writing, and observing online marketing, especially in regard to branding and reputation management techniques?  I most certainly do.  Am I known to celebrate good jobs done by brands?  Yes, I am.  Did the Cadbury UK brand catch my attention and respect this morning?  It sure did!

Eggcellent job, Cadbury UK!

Can your brand do the same?  I hope so!  Let’s recap on some good observations made.

-          Is your brand a business-to-consumer outfit?  If so, are you leveraging social media on the ‘weekends?’  Some of your offline ‘sites’ may be closed but your customers are very likely to be open for weekend business.  Social media sites are great tools for consumer-to-brand engagement.

Where are your shoppers this weekend?

-          Does your brand leverage multiple social sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)?  If so, can you infuse several platforms, like the Cadbury UK brand led Twitter fans to the Facebook promotion?  Be creative.

Integrate brand social sites for a unique brand-to-consumer experience

-          Are your SMO specialists diligent with your social accounts?  I have observed numerous brands who do not respond to followers, which is astounding from a “marketing” perspective.  If you want to leverage a social platform, ensure you’re not neglecting customers; it’s a social media accident waiting to happen.  Take some notes from today’s Cadbury UK performance; that’s how you engage your brand’s followers.

Social media sites are undeniable tools, improving the consumer-to-brand experience.

Thanks for reading.

Images taken from Google Images

Thanks for reading – Anthony Pensabene

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