Will the Real Brands Please Stand Up

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I’ve come out of a mental hole lately, emerging to see shadows of yesterday.  Spring is near.  New things are coming to bloom.  I for one am jeeping over to Colorado later this week, leaving the smoggy-glam of LA.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate my time here; but, the move works for me.

What drives you and your brand?  (You tout about inspiration on your header, content ‘muse'; you tell me.)  If you are seeking answers from anywhere than within you and your brand, you’re in the dark, taking shelter in ‘Plato’s cave.’  The allegory introduces two worlds or realities as the philosopher inspires enlightenment.

Which direction is your brand facing?

The landscape of SEO is drastically changing.  Neglect brand introspection and become yesterday’s news.  Competitive online traffic (in most verticals) looks like a ‘normal’ day on an LA freeway.  It may have some brands looking around in frustration, wondering how the situation came to be.  (Because your brand has something of quality to offer; and, the Web is a channel to target markets, right?)  Why is your brand here (on the Web or at all)?

I know my direction.

Without it, you’re congested with frustration.

It’s time to take a look within and pinpoint a brand identity…and it better be genuine.  It’s a social, real-time kind of online world, where users demand transparency and consumer-centric notions.  Will the real genuine brands, please stand up?

Maybe we need to identify what is not to elucidate what is.  Michael King (aka ipullrank) used this method recently in his The Anatomy of an Awful Guest Post. I celebrate it.  I’ll use a similar method regarding a very familiar-sounding brand. (contentmuse.com – couldn’t help but notice the brand resides on ‘my block’)



Content Muse

As the site’s content (attempts to?) states from the start, FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE IMPORTANT.  My initial impression upon noticing the site (about a month or two ago?) was of confusion.  I’ve been using the nickname through the years and never noticed them; but, if you do a search for “content muse,” there my moniker mates (is it lie or lay?) lie.

They want you to be a little put off too (perhaps) at first, showcasing a copacetic testimonial by “Bob Marley” on the main page:

This site is the real deal. An excellent copywriting service providing content that is creative, adaptive and original. Their articles provide stimulating and informative content that appeals to readers. – Bob Marley

If you make it one-third down the page, you’ll notice a list of services. SEO copywriting is one of them.  I’m interested in that; I’m your Huckleberry.  What have you guys got to offer?

In order for you to boost your business into the top Google rankings, you need to link related keywords to the products and services offered on your website. That is the foundation on which SEO Copywriting is built and is exactly what we do for you.

Really? Dominating the SERPs is the foundation?  I would disagree, like a number of respected sources:

Read Gianluca Fiorelli’s Wake Up SEOs, the New Google is Here (technical SEO is only part of the pie)

Michael King’s The New SEO Process (Quite Being Kanye)  (intense user-oriented strategy is a must)

Dr. Pete’s The 2 User Metrics That Matter (what happens after traffic comes and brands have little to offer?)

Do you want to understand where content development is going?  Read these:

John Doherty’s Three Tenets of Content Marketing

Joanna Lord’s 10 Ways Paid Marketers Can Leverage Inbound Marketing

The site also offers article spinning, described as follows:

Article marketing is a tried and true marketing strategy used to develop backlinks to your website and gain the attention of those people who are looking for your products and services. Article spinning is used to create multiple unique versions of your articles so that they may be distributed to a large number of sites.

Your brand definitely wants to tell the same story multiple times to game gain attention, right?  Respected sources don’t agree on leveraging this tactic either.  It’s about creating the kind of content your readers and brand users want, not copywriting for copywriting’s sake.

A new dawn is coming.  Now, more than ever, the proof is in the pudding.  There’s lesser room for shadows; it’s easier to discern SERP supremacy from consumer celebration.  If your brand isn’t going to stand up for genuine online practices then be prepared to sit the future out.

Sit down clowns.

People know where to find the proof.

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