Can You Makeup for Poor-Impression Branding?

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I’m a sensitive guy; I’m oft driven by emotion.  My passionate personality has made for interesting relationships in my thirty-two years.  I’ve experienced peaks and valleys with gals and brands.  While all’s fair in love and core business, I would like to identify some characteristics, which have indefinitely ‘turned me off’ in my time.

I’d spell the scenario a different way; but, we can agree to disagree.

I’ve met gals who need to immediately impress me (or is it themselves?).  Rather than allowing me to ‘read’ them for myself, they engage in a number of self-serving behaviors:  discussing hardly-used law degrees, past accomplishments (Is being the best-looking an accomplishment?), and peers, who cannot compare to them (by their elitist standards).  In short, they persist on shining discussion floodlights on themselves.  I can’t speak for you, readers; but, I enjoy coming to my own decisions about people..and brands.  The more a lady or brand attempts to manipulate my attention, the more I direct my attention toward why the source feels a need to do so.

I get it; you need attention, right?

Being ‘on the market’ as a single guy is a lot like being within the consumer market.  There are brands leveraging a number of tactics to capture my heart and attention.  However, I’ve been around the block a time or two and wiser for it, noticing a number of single-guy/unassuming-consumer similarities.  Keep a vigilant watch for the following brand tactics, which ‘makeup’ can’t (re)cover:

In the (Am I) (im)Press(ed)?

Take a gander at brands, which have numerous press mentions placed on the site.  Press mention and coverage is great, usually signifying an experienced brand.  However, I have a past in public relations.  It’s not extremely hard to get a press mention.  It usually requires a diligent and persistent PR person, who finds a reporter seeking input for a story.  Do some digging into the press mention.  Was the brand featured?  Or, was the brand mentioned in a story for adding a sentence or two?  In many cases, PR mentions are not directly related to the brand’s industry.  I’m not saying dismiss press mentions; I’m saying don’t be so immediately impressed.

Does the expression on my face reflect the writing on the wall?

It’s Not You, It’s (About) Me (Too)

Beware of on-site copy focused on the ‘greatness’ of services and products, rather than how a brand’s offerings can better serve you.  I don’t know about you, but I rarely come across a brand, which doesn’t think it’s the best in its respective space.  Fair enough, self esteem is a good thing.  However, if you’re selling me something, focus on me.  Otherwise, I’ll grow suspicious as to why the copy is more about you than me.  Many brands construct copy the right way; usually because, the brand has something of value to offer consumers.

I’m doing well, thanks. How are yo..oh wait. OMG. Today, I…

Mind-Numbing Numbers of AccompliSERPment

Money and numbers can’t buy you love or my affinity, that goes for ladies with shiny degrees and brands, silently propagating slimy online creeds.  Does a young brand have good rankings in a competitive market?   A lot of times, garbage makes way into the SERPs.  Those in the SEO industry know how difficult it is to begin making online traction.  It requires patience and a number of continuous implementations.  I understand the anxiety of online startups; brands want to be noticed, having a company to sustain.  However, consider a brand’s rankings in relation to its age and quality of pages.

Scrape Expectations

It’s hard to be yourself in the world of dating; it’s hard for some businesses to be themselves in the world of marketing.  Content scraping is a bit of an online ailment.  Why be yourself when you can be someone better, right?  I celebrate when the real brands stand up, rather than attempt to emulate something else.  Many consumers model my view.  There are many ways to intrigue consumers with a variety of content.  However, all brands are not created equally.  I understand some brands struggle for attention; but, I don’t sympathize with endeavors of laziness.  It takes hard work to turn content into link bait.  Bypass scrapers, those who have all the link building resources at hand, yet choose to take the easy way out, channeling the talents of others.

It’s hard enough to be yourself; it’s wildly foolish to explore another’s road.

Thanks for reading – Anthony Pensabene

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