Cat’s Got Your Graphic?

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Hey now, Musers…

The Content Muse blog is amidst a hulk of a week thus far, posting on Saturday and hosting Chris Winfield of BlueGlass on Monday.

I thought this was funny.

Joel K was camping.  Take a look at my #whereinthewoodsisJoelK meme:

Today, I was briefly banned from inbound…

Doherty took care of it; I’ve been let back in the gates… but I couldn’t pass up possibly making someone smile with some Snoop.

Any who…  I was beings playfulz on the Twitterz streamz…

Anthony Pensabene  Anthony Pensabene‏@content_muse

content student: “sensei, will they like?” sensei: “if well done.” student: “what’s well done?” sensei: “if they like.” #waxoncontent

Sean, favorited it; which speaks volumes to me.  It also got me thinking…  I really like when Pete Attia of Cucumber Nebula crafts posts like this.

Melissa Fach also does a good job at mixing humor with insight at Search Engine Journal.  Actually, we as people have always courted entertainment

Those graphics make me laugh.  They also make me think of implementing more content… beyond textual content.  AJ Kohn is crafty at complementing textual content with ‘catastic’

…pictures (and other) clips on his site and Gplus account.

He also notices the implementation of graphics into social platforms.

But I catinue on … :)

I wanted to visualize my above tweet regarding content.  I muse a good deal on the topic (see what I did…)  Nick Eubanks was rad enough to ask me some questions about content of late; so watch for that coming soon…

The concept of great content marketing is always debated (mostly ranted).  My stance on content is akin to Wil Reynold’s #RCS approach to marketing as a whole.  Be real.  Try hard.  Keep your eyes open.  Sometimes you catch that fly with the chopstick.  Sometimes you don’t.

One can observe good habits of content creation but can’t exact end user reception.

Don’t try to bend the rules.  That would be impossible.

Rather, observe the truth; with content, there are no rules…

So, without further procatstination (See what..) I present my sensei to content-student interaction through a series o’ pictures:

Sometimes, text and concepts are complemented (and perhaps better conveyed?  …especially considering different types of learners?)

…by other types of content, such as images.

I celebrate SEOmoz’s recent video contest.

One, because it will be cool to see what people come up with.

Secondly, video is another form of content, opening new doors of expressing information as well as entertaining…

which is EXTREMELY important.

Anyone who saw Mike Pantoliano’s Mozcon presentation knows Mike knows how to both educate and entertain

Anthony Pensabene  Anthony Pensabene‏@content_muse

@MikeCP crushing ish. Mixing humor/insight. He obviously thought about presentation as well as information….

Actually, the word “school” itself originates from extracurricular sentiments, meaning “leisure or spare time.”

So in conclusion… (what was my point?…)

Oh yeah… graphics are fun…and can be altered… and ultimately used to strengthen ideas and messagesin an entertaining way

You don’t want this content catastrophe …

Deep, end of post thoughts…by Keanu.

8 thoughts on “Cat’s Got Your Graphic?

    1. Thanks, Chris. If this got one person to laugh (and think about graphic implements), I have succeeded :)

        1. haha thanks, Shurelock.. the jig is up..I admittedly want reader reflection amid the laugh aftermath.. ;) thanks for reading and commenting, dude

  1. This post has become my favorite! (Sorry ‘Peer Appreciation’ blog) I am a huge fan of cooperative graphics. I think it helps create an image in someones mind that will always go back to the message your are trying to convey, i.e. “Eidetic Memory”. This is how many large companies begin the branding process; creating an image that one will remember once seeing it, and relate it to the entity that it represents. For example, the widget for WordPress and Wikipedia is simply the letter “W”. So how do you know, which “W” goes with what site? If you have visited either, you will always recognise the light blue W in a circle, is WordPress, because you see it when you log in, as well as other WordPress blogs you visit often. The same reasoning also applies to the Wikipedia “W”.

    1. love.all.the.blogzpostz! Thanks, Candice. Images definitely enrich and enforce the experience. Also, though I love reading; I can’t deny the difference between information presented with visual cues and without. As mentioned, not only is information complemented, but additional stimuli captivates the learner.

      I recently witnessed a discussion. The presenter had ability to present slides but only prepared a few. Additionally, the presenter read for an hour from their notes rather than speak to the audience. The topic and information was good; the presentation was poor. It was unfortunate a decent portion of the crowd was ‘lost’ by the end of the presentation.

      eidetic memory.. shakespeare riding a a fountain pen amid a sea of ink.. that’s a cool image..

  2. haha! Now I have this image of you wearing 15th century clothing, surfing in ink….but now i will ALWAYS correlate Anthony Pensabene who writes and surfs! I will also spare you the extensive explanation of a few literary symbols that I started thinking about as well lol

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