Tears of a Writer

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Writers are sensitive.  How else can we observe, capture, and write to the world?  If you diss us do we not emotionally bleed?

But seriously, consider your approach to editing and communicating revisions.  I’ve been spinning writing webs for a number of years now.  I’ve had people who reacted to my work like this.


What critiques are true or false?  It’s not for me to decide.  I’m not the judge of my writing; rather,

You the boss.

In working with editors and peers, I appreciate those who heed Chris Winfield’s sounded sentiment in his latest Marketing Land post on how to overcome content marketing excuses.

We’re writers, susceptible to mistakes.  We make errors, don’t deliver as expected, or sometimes need to improve upon a draft.

That’s cool and part of dancing with the pen.  However, there are particular ways to go about critique.  I like Chris’ method, especially the part of placing focus.

I recently did some work for Mike King.  Mike King sometimes gets a particular rap rep.

Rather than speculation, let’s focus on observation.  He once used my email as an example to better prove a point. I’m happy to return the favor.  :)

Mike had some suggestions (basically asking me to write a whole other post…No, not really… :)   )  But did he start with, “No, No, No!”?  No, he didn’t.

He supplied great suggestions and ended on a positive note:

Choose words carefully, editors.  Remember you’re speaking to people who produce the work, who take their work seriously and passionately, those with feelings attached to communications and shipped products.

I’ve worked with all kinds of peers and editors.  Some sentiments have not been appreciated.  The above sentiments are.

That’s it.  You’re free to go.  I’m not suggesting walking on eggshells with your writers and content producers.  Rather, be more. Place more thought in the art of communication.  Each mean to an end demands attention.

Be more.  When you are more, you get more.

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