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So many things going on!

But first, how are you, musers?  I hope you had a productive day.

I was at work.

No, not the twee-mingling, reading posts about Penguin-Groundhog’s Day posts, and writing throughout type of work.

This line of work is a different vertical altogether.  (line/vertical…I see what I did…)

“What’s up, Muse?  Where’ve ya been!  Haven’t seen you as much on the streamz…”

Wayne noticed a drop in ‘time-on’ time.  People notice.  It’s important to be diligent and keep your earz and heart on the ‘streetz.’    I quote,

Indeed, Ferris.

For instance, ensure you know your “badass exposers.”  Badass exposers?  Not mine, it’s Mike P‘s.  (Ironically Coincidentally, I was checking my WordPress analytics and noticed Mike P linked to me.)  I would like to think of myself as a ‘badass exposer.’

It is a concept we should all think about.  Thanks, Mike P.

I would like to thank all of my ‘badass exposers’ from earlier today who read, shared, and offered sentiments on my ‘guestee’ at James Agate’s Skyrocket blog.

I have something special for you.  But that is at the end.  You must persevere through some more muse first.  All apologies

We’ve absconded from our train of thought.  Let’s get back on track.  Choo choo baby.

So in the name of diligence, I owe my followers and readers a reason for the part-time absence.

No, I haven’t been engaging in vigilante ‘do gooding’ with Drunk Hulk, you silly geese.  No, I haven’t been ‘goofing off’ with Mike Kovis.

I’ve been working it at my friend’s pizza parlor, running the register, serving food, making some delectable delights, washing dishes…

Sometimes I work the cash register, sometimes not well.

(Dude didn’t read his Muse in the morning #justsayin.  Perhaps frustrated at my limited basic arithmetic skills, but that is another story.)

Career change, Anthony?

No, not at all, things have shifted a bit for me of late.  I’m EXCITED.  However, I must balance and build myself moving forwardI’m not leaving; I’m building, getting stronger (and better at math!)

I’m learning lessons, growing wiser for the time.  Coincidentally (or isn’t it ironic, Alanis?), my next post (the one after this one..oh, the wonders of math!) is about learning lessons for one’s search industry future.

A fine lad, Alex Morask, was kind enough to email me a lil ago, inquiring about starting out in search.  He had read the ‘convo on content’ piece with Nick Eubanks and me, and picked my brain some more.

I respect that.  I want to help him succeed.  The two-headed piece with Eubanks was a good idea.  I’ve learned, using the cash register, two is twice as much as one.  Under that assumption, two heads focused on a set of questions…  You get my point.

I asked my buddy, James Agate, to add his input.  He has great advice (obviously).  I’d watch out for my next post.  But it’s not for me to say…

…which brings me to my next point.  James, thank you, sir, for letting me post on meta descriptions today.  Your encouragement means a lot.  Especially after this:


It’s cool.  You have to keep your head up.  (It’s one of the things I suggest to Alex in my upcoming reply.)  One can’t be too sensitive.  Sometimes people don’t like your writing, and you have to keep believing in yourself.  Sometimes you get pulled off the cash register (because math is hard) and sentenced to wash dishes in the back; but I digress.

Rather crouch fetal in a corner with my Shakespeare action figure, I keep my bardic wax swaggin.

We all should (always).

So without further adieu…

Ah, yes, Alanis, you’re right, sorry for that.

Whilst I was working today (offline), I was not being as diligent as I like to be (online).

That’s part of an exchange between James and I this morn.  Like myself, James likes being ‘online available.’

I will be in Philly, going to weddings in Rhode Island, and possibly visiting friends in NYC in the coming week.  I didn’t know if I’d definitively have ‘on’ time in coming days.


I really wanted to share the post with the community.  I got giddy to get it on Skyrocket, as one could imagine.

James allowed it to unleash this morning (yes!)  But I had to be at work, the offline kind (drats!)

As I state above, diligence is important.

I must recognize my peers who tweeted on Twitter and hollered at a brother on Gplus.  It’s important.  (I think Iian mentioned something about this thing,

…without further ado (before I bid you adieu), I want to personally thank those who read my guest post on James’ blog today.

I got to catch some @’s from my smartphone while working.  The following people ‘made my (offline) day’ with online sentiments.

James Agate

John Doherty

Iain Bartholomew (bonus)

Jason Acidre

Nick Eubanks

Mackenzie Fogelson

Giuseppe Pastore

Michael Kovis

AJ Kohn

Matthew Brown

Bill Sebald

Scott Dodge

Wayne Barker

3 thoughts on “peer information pickup & gratitude delivery

    1. Sure thing, my friend. Thanks for reading this and leaving the comment. I’m also proud I got the opportunity to write for you as well.

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