The Proof’s in the Picture

Posts by Anthony

Hey Musers,

I hate you!  Get out of here!

No, I’m just kidding.  I do that.

I am an awkward man of good intent.  I spin humor to help deal. My sarcasm serves as a metaphysical tree fort of peace.  I carry it around like Linus his blankie. I am not mad, often happy, and enjoy making people think and question.

I assuage any concerns pulsating throughout Muser Nation regarding my madness.

I appreciate interaction.  Notice my homepage and number of social interactions recorded and affixed.

I started ‘favoriting’ complimentary posts, maintaining them as social cues and signals, seen by potential clients and persons interested in services.

Online marketers know ~ online, not all is as seems.  Fake reviews exist.  Consumers know too.  The provision of cues, penned by clients and peers who note my expertise, dedication, character, idiosyncrasies, and so on, comforts interested parties and makes a good initial and repeated impression.

Combat suspension of belief with social proof distilled by previous and present clients/peers.  ‘Testimonials’ are not new, but using image-related social cues is an act I haven’t noticed much.

For example, AJ Kohn, a man I respect for many personal and professional reasons, liked a post on search operators.

Having fun in addition to believing AJ’s endorsement sends a very positive social signal to my readers, inspired me to paste his compliment to the post’s introduction.

I did it again when comprising a ‘thank you’ post, noticing peers receiving it well.

Social proof makes unique and positive impressions.  Amid a time anyone can spoof a social profile or hide identity, it’s powerful to host social endorsement.

Siege Media‘s Ross Hudgens, regarding public relations, inspired my call to attention and action regarding email signatures.

I was not customizing my email signature.  Some host logos below signatures, but it’s also an opportunity for picture-based social proof.

At present, Julie Joyce of LinkFish Media and Philly-based marketer Emma Still, two peers I respect and nice enough to lend niceties, relay social proof in my email signature.

I don’t think this social insight or things arranged to amplify positive observations are examples of mind-blowing marketing implements.  That’s for the SEO industry to provide to you.  I’m just a guy with ideas, appreciating those of you kind enough to read.

I will note, since implementing the proofs, clients and peers respond positively; I’ve lost pounds of baby fat; and, my Luke Skywalker Jedi figurine, lost in the mail since 1983, finally arrived.

That’s all I have for now, but you can sign up for future posts if you’d like.  They won’t bite, until I sort that out.

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