The Only 3 Reasons to Own Your Authorship with 1 as Bonus

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You need Google Authorship for shit.

Do educated people discuss its possible benefits?


Do I think Google Authorship is horseshit?


Here are my reasons.

~ 1

Google (search) was supposed to host information, not edit it.  Somewhere along the digital lines, its ‘spam team’ and algorithm became more about editing…for commercial intent obviously.

It’s making your avatar (your likeness that changes, you mortal soul) into a logo.  You are not Bart fucking Simpson or someone cooler like me, Willie.

You are a human who grows old. You will wear the bottom of your pants rolled.  It’s inevitable.  You’re not Brad Pitt in some obscure movie and sentence.  You’re human.  You could never be a dinosaur…or remain unchanged like an avatar or picture.

Therefore, what happens is, after time, you change your picture.  Due to vanity, different job, changing name of industry or position therein again, yada, yada, yada, Elaine Benes, you grow a beard and choose a plaid-shirt background.

People bug the fuck out over the slightest changes in logos.  You’re branding with your likeness, yes, but you’re building viewer expectation that will be let down simply due to change alone.

“The multi-colored Apple logo was in use for 22 years before it was axed by Steve Jobs less than a year after his return to Apple in 1997…overall shape of the logo, however, remains unchanged from its original inception 33 years ago.”

~ 2

Let’s be intelligent and remember the bait and switch, Ronald McDonald Miller switch-a-maroo that’s being exacted on us.  Google ‘authorship’ was not created to help your personal or business credibility, content, marketing or content marketing.  It was created pretty much forced upon us to ensure use of Google Plus, a failed attempt at stealing thunder from Facebook’s social media prowess.

Google would shit its over-sized britches if you started using search less but social platforms and other destinations frequently in a broader or single-focused fashion.

- You could go to an encyclopedia site (from Yahoo) for research.

-  You could go to Netflix (from Bing) for movies and television entertainment.

- You could go to Pandora (from DuckDuckGo) for music.

Why marketers continue to use Google search is because paying clients use it.  They, like most people in the world, are conditioned, branded into associating Google with the pursuit of information.  “Google it” is to finding information as a Kleenex is to a tissue.

Wake up, Indy! (burns you with flaming stake taken from man wearing skeletons on his head)

Is Google your friend, securing you from no evil?  No, it’s a fucking company out to make money.

Google is no more your friend than Enron, Bernie Madoff or the Devil herself (just kidding).  Get smart.  Google (golf clap) came up with a clever way to prompt people to use Google Plus.  And, we all helped!

~ 3

It’s been two years and it still fucks up a lot.  I remember Chris Countey taking over my site; I took over Kaiser the Sage (Jason Acidre‘s blog); and I noticed this earlier:

How is a multi-writer business (They’ll be more of them now because (skips in a circle and throws sparkles) we’re all writers now! HA HA HA!) going to manage multiple authorships?

Imagine if the business is in contention to land a big client.  The client does a search for the business and the authorship is all fucked.  Or, rather than the experienced-looking CEO, the CEO’s about me page serves up Anthony the stoned-looking and angry copywriter’s image?  That would be unfortunate.

Also, since marketing is to the Fonz without a jacket as content marketing is to Fonz with a jacket, more businesses will be advised to unleash the content fury, with individual and entity authorship in tow.  It seems fucking confusing because it is, as well as really unneeded unless you’re Google.

~ 4

If you really need to know…click this.

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